Quality and Safety

At Davalan we care about each other’s wellbeing.

We come to work wanting to do our jobs safely and to go home each day to our family and friends. We are continually enhancing our safety systems, applying best practice to help us build a culture of Work Safe, Home Safe.

As part of the Adbri Ltd, we follow the group’s safety system.

Critical Risks and Life Saving Rules

Adbri has identified six common activities that have the highest potential for serious injury on our worksites. Adbri invests significant resources into effectively managing these ‘critical risk activities’ so we are safer.

Our six critical risk activities include:

  • Struck by mobile plant;
  • Falls from a height;
  • Driving;
  • Contact with electricity;
  • Working with fixed plant; and
  • Confined space.

For each of these critical risks, our people have been trained to make sure that our Critical Risk Controls and Life Saving Rules are always followed to keep everyone safe.


At Davalan we continually look for ways to improve the health and wellbeing of our people. We invest in employee assistance programs that support our people in areas such as mental and physical health, financial planning, relationship support and parenting.


Davalan operates a Quality Mangement System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the scope of the manufacture and supply of premixed concrete.

Davalan holds certificate number FS 604669 with BSI Global.

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